Check, fix, and recover your blacklisted site.

Google blacklists 10,000+ websites every day. Are you one of them? For most website owners, the security warnings, hack indicators, and diagnostic pages can be daunting. It’s difficult to focus on fixing your hacked website when all of your visitors are being blocked from accessing your site. We compiled this guide to help webmasters remove website hacks and Google warnings so that you can restore your website and reclaim visitors, revenue, and SEO rankings.

Step 1
Review Warning Status

1.1 Identify Website Security Warnings

Your website is blacklisted because Google scanned your site and found harmful behavior. Google needs to protect its users from dangerous websites that show up in their search results. In fact, websites that repeatedly get blacklisted for malicious behavior are limited to only one review every 30 days. That big red splash page (and warnings next to your site in Google’s search results) are designed to stop visitors from entering your site. It works, too. Websites lose about 95% of their traffic when blacklisted by Google.

If you are seeing security warnings when trying to reach your website:

  1. Review the images below and common Google blacklist warnings.
  2. Identify the type of warning you are seeing on your site.
  3. Follow this guide to fix security issues and request a review.

The specific warning message on your site can help you to understand what Google is telling you about the type of security issues they found on your site. This information will be useful in the following sections of this guide.