The easy way to make sure you are always out of the risk zone with browsers and how your site displays on them.

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is the process of testing your web application across different browsers and ensure its compatibility with all major browsers and devices.

Why Test a WordPress Site in Different Browsers?

Due to the large variety of browsers available to desktop, laptop and mobile users it is better to make sure that your site is running smoothly on the most important ones at any given time, Google Chrome has the market share with Firefox, Safari and Opera taking up most of the rest of the market space.

So what do I do?

Each browser renders website code differently, luckily, using WordPress already puts you at an advantage over people coding in other frameworks, as WordPress rigorously tests their core files in various browsers.

Combining the sturdiness of WordPress’ core and using a reliable theme developer for your theme, then you have most of the battle won as your theme developer will update the theme with standard practices of both browsers and WordPress core versions.

How do I test?

New School: We reccomend using emulators like Browserling to test and take screenshots to compare how your site displays.

Old School: Download the various browsers on various OS to test.

If your site is maybe built on on an unsupported theme and is not displaying correctly and hasn’t been updated in a while, you can always contact us and we can test and analyse your site to see if it can be updated with the latest version of WordPress or it’s theme to fix your display issues.