About Us

About, Vision, Mission
WP Courses was founded for the sole purpose of empowering and educating people who either have a passion for WordPress development or who have a job that requires the skill set of managing a WordPress website.

With over 20 years experience collectively in both development and marketing of WordPress websites we are an ideal partner to give you the knowledge you require.

Our collective knowledge has come from running our own full service digital agencies both in the UK and South Africa, developing in anything from HTML, PHP, to the open source CMS’ (Content Management Systems) being WordPress, Magento and Joomla. We chose to focus on WordPress solely and have never looked back, having built over 500 sites over the last 15 years.

Our knowledge is not limited to only building sites, we have experience in Design, CSS, Conversion Optimization, Animation, Videography and much more which all helps us in providing not only a clear and precise WordPress course, but also allows us to share more valuable knowledge with students that will aid in their success.


Our vision is to become the leading WordPress training course provider in South Africa, helping people reach their goals whether it be to build their own blog, change careers or even start their own business.


We will provide quality, educated training with experienced personnel to always ensure that our students get the full benefit of attending any of our training sessions. We will also provide speedy post-course support to assist our students in their success.